Entry #3

Its been....Awhile.

2010-09-05 13:03:56 by maestroji

Since I have been on newgrounds. I have been doing my own thing lately with my own website and I felt that my music wasn't getting respected for its musicality, but getting judged because people like to zero bomb. So I moved my music to my own website, http://www.baekjisoundcorps.webs.com.

I do believe its been on of the best decisions I have ever done. I also go on Kongregate and Armor Games to get jobs and so far, I have actually gotten two jobs. So to me that's progress from ever hoping I could get jobs here on Newgrounds. I used to like this site alot, but of course its always been the people that come on here that messed it up for me. Either way, I have decided that I should not give up my dreams because of newgrounds. I have completed a soundtrack for a game called I, The Rhino by Afra Fotouhi. This is a different maestroji style then I have ever composed before. Maybe, now people will take interest in me. I will let the mp3s be the decider of that.


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