Its been....Awhile.

2010-09-05 13:03:56 by maestroji

Since I have been on newgrounds. I have been doing my own thing lately with my own website and I felt that my music wasn't getting respected for its musicality, but getting judged because people like to zero bomb. So I moved my music to my own website,

I do believe its been on of the best decisions I have ever done. I also go on Kongregate and Armor Games to get jobs and so far, I have actually gotten two jobs. So to me that's progress from ever hoping I could get jobs here on Newgrounds. I used to like this site alot, but of course its always been the people that come on here that messed it up for me. Either way, I have decided that I should not give up my dreams because of newgrounds. I have completed a soundtrack for a game called I, The Rhino by Afra Fotouhi. This is a different maestroji style then I have ever composed before. Maybe, now people will take interest in me. I will let the mp3s be the decider of that.


2009-06-15 11:29:39 by maestroji

Well I made a membership on Rithum yesterday and guess who I made friends with!? KgZ! If you don't know him you have to because he knows how to make music fit together with pretty much any kind of percussion! I am quiet surprised that he faved me! So I think you guys should listen to him, because he is awesome!

-Musically a friend-


Hey Everyone

2009-03-07 14:33:43 by maestroji

For those of you who listen to my music I want to say thanks for taking the time to listen. I suppose you can say I am very Japanese Video Game Music Composer orientated. Its true, all my favorite Video Game Composers come from Japan. I loved listening to all of Nubou Uemastu creations. I also loved listening to Koji Kondo's Mario and Zelda soundtracks. To me, it seems music is more orchestrated, but I will forever love what these two men did with the lower quality sounds they had to work with back when they first started. Today, people forget about this and so they find that this old style I use, is outdated. I must say, they are wrong, and I am not giving up. I will continue to use the method that I fell in love with. Those who stand by me, I salute you!

Yours in Music